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Online Advertising Delivered

Online Advertising is delivered in Real Time

Reach consumers in YOUR targeted demographic

KahPing reach 1 Billion page views in just 16 months

KahPing is projected to break 2 Billion in 2019

KahPing is the fastest growing online real estate search engine, ranked in the top 5.

Revolutionizing & disrupting, KahPing is taking real estate into the future, protecting the listing agent, and providing agents with a host FREE tools to compete in today's world, on a global level.

Kahping stadistics and information
Kahping stadistics and information

Location Targeting


Target by


Map with location targeting

Audience Targeting


Target Areas of the market with the highest concentration of your audience segment.

Home Buyers, Renters Vacation Rentals

Perfect for: Home Projects, Insurance, Storage, Movers, Repair, Design, Retail, Security, Lending, Home Goods to Pizza and much more...

Stop wasting marketing dollars on high cost billboards, spending TV, and radio ads. Advertise with KahPing for laser focused marketing right in front of your ideal, targeted audience.

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Targeted Advertising Solutions to fit your Budget & Objective

Connect with consumers immediately

KahPing offers affordable custom packages

Exclusive, strategic marketing partnerships

Banner Advertising on Search Result Page

Custom Dashboard
Video Capability
Direct Link
Change Your Campaign Any Time
Live Metrics

search result page

Banner Advertising on Property Detail Page

Property detail page

Map Icon and Banner on Search Result Page

Search result page

Your banner ad appears on the Search Result Page, displaying your business details. And, Map Icons display all of your locations

Sponsorship Opportunities on Email Campaigns to Agent Data Base

Your property views

Over 897,285 Active Listing Agents

Email Sponsorship Opportunities to:

Entire Data Base - 2 Times A Month

Active Listings Data Base - 2 Times A Month

Average Open Rate: 82%

Agent & Consumer DashBoard

Agent and consumer dashboard

897,285 Active Agent Dash Boards


For Sale/Rent By Owner

Detailed Performance Reporting

Immediate Reporting

Advertisers have a personal dashboard to track their impressions and click throughs in real time

Advertisers can change their banner, video and URL link to update their message and campaign anytime

You are in Control

Graphs and reports picture

KahPing offers laser focused approach and exclusivity at a fraction of the cost of traditional ad space.

KahPing is far more cost effective than:

Video Billboard
Bus Stop
Digital Marketing

You can’t afford NOT to advertise with KahPing

Contact us NOW!!

Reserve your campaign before your competitor

Become a KahPing strategic partner and dominate you industry

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